Tommy Voss President of Fastpitch, Director of Risk Management

Alabama (State)

Michael Beck SE Regional Director / State Director - AL

Dusty Mason East Alabama Area Director

Arizona (State)

Bruno Cafarelli State Director

Johnny Rodriguez Event Director

Oscar Lujan Event Director

Rogelio Burboa Event Director

California (State)

Rick Melendrez, Sr. State Director

Edgar Khalatyan Nor Cal Event Director

Sergio Palos So Cal Director

Andre Adams S. California Event Director

Jimmy Rascon Event Director

Colorado (State)

Jessica Dillow CO State Director

Flint Hansell Event Host

Connecticut (State)

Reece Oslinker State Director

Florida (State)

Michael Beck SE Regional Director - FL

Justin Keane Event Host

Georgia (State)

Michael Beck SE Regional Director - GA

Dusty Mason West Georgia State Director

Iowa (State)

Kaitlyn Morris State Director - IA

Indiana (State)

Chuck Latham State Director

Kansas (State)

Wayne Burns State Director

Kentucky (State)

Michael Beck SE Regional Director - KY

Lucas Hammons S. KY State Director

Pat Rigsby Asst. State Director - KY

Chuck Latham N. KY State Director

Louisiana (State)

Cyndy Voss State Director

Ryan Hopkins Event Director

Maryland (State)

Reece Oslinker State Director

Missouri (State)

Wayne Burns State Director

David Solis Event Director

Mississippi (State)

Michael Beck SE Regional Director - MS

New Jersey (State)

Reece Oslinker State Director

New Mexico (State)

Johnny Rodriguez Event Director

Jacob Jauregui Event Director

Nevada (State)

Greg Sidoris All World Sports Travel/Gaming Partner

Rick Melendrez, Sr. State Director

Pat Flury Event Director

New York (State)

Reece Oslinker State Director

Oklahoma (State)

Tyler Burns Event Director

Chris Flores Event Director

Pennsylvania (State)

Jim Giles PA State Director

Reece Oslinker PA State Director

Chris Glenn State Director - PA

Tennessee (State)

Michael Beck SE Regional Director - TN

Dusty Mason East Tennessee State Director

Lucas Hammons N. Central State Director / TN

Pat Rigsby North Central Asst. State Director - TN

Texas (State)

Cyndy Voss State Director

Ricky Hightower DFW Director of Operations

Maggie Stoecklein Central TX - Director of Operations

Joey Martin East TX - Director of Operations

Meagan Diaz Event Host

Shawn Wright Event Director

Danna Kay Hodge Event Director

Bobbye Pugliese Event Host

Adam Brown Event Host

Stephanie Ross-Sayles Event Host

Jamie Elliott Event Host

Ruben Quintero Event Host

Dustin Herrera Event Host

Luis Tovar Event Director

Issac Saldivar Event Host

Mike Pelosi Event Host

Ryan Hopkins Event Director

Renea Seggern Event Director

Rene Contreras Event Director

David Cornelius Event Director

Caden Hanna Event Director

Jason Yepma Event Director

Johnny Guerrero Event Director

Chris Dove Event Director

Hilario Salas Event Director

Rodney Moss Event Director

Becky Bliss Event Director

Chad DeMascio Event Director

Jacob Jauregui Event Director

Matthew Bright Event Host

Julius Stallings Event Host

Paul Chadwick Event Director

Ronald Fulbright Event Director

Victor Gutierrez Event Director

Beau Burelsmith Event Director

Doug O'neal Event Director

Kacey Maxwell Event Host

Jason Pierce Event Director

Andrea Tredaway Tournament Director

Abby Sandy Tournament Director