NCS World Series

Orange County, CA

Orange County

NCS Orange County World Series

Jul 11-16


Huntington Beach Sports Complex

Lake Forest Sports Park

09U $1,195
10U $1,195
11U $1,395
12U $1,395
13U $1,495
14U $1,495
Pay entry fee through NCS website or send
Venmo @xdsports
Include age division, team name & OC World Series.
You must still register for event through
website even if you pay with Venmo or Zelle.


5 Game Guarantee
4 pool play games into single elimination playoff
divisions & championship rounds (D1/D2/D3)
Most teams will play more than 5 games
4X (Four Times) NCS Rankings Points!

Opening Day Ceremonies:
 Tuesday July 11th
Team March Around
Pin Trading
World Series Merch Available
Skills Contests with prizes

Pool Play Games Start:
Wednesday July 12th

Championship Games:

Sunday July 16th

Game Time Requests:
Unfortunately we cannot accommodate any game time request for this event.

Note: If you are making flight arrangements please plan on flying in day before opening day & for the end of the event please plan on flying out the day after championships.

World Series Night
Team March Around at Angel Stadium
We are excited to partner with the Los Angeles Angels for our NCS World Series Night at Angel Stadium Friday Night. Teams & families may purchase tickets through the link below to join us for NCS World Series Night at Angel Stadium.

Host Hotels:
This is a Stay & Play Event
For Teams Outside 100 Miles

Special awards package for
2023 will be announced soon...
World Series Awards Package awarded to
participating players on Champion & Finalist teams.
Champion & Finalist team banners included in all divisions

Our World Series events are going on their 18th year & continue to host teams from all over the western half of the United States coming to beautiful Southern California to compete for the title. It not only attracts teams from the Southern California area, but has brought teams from all over including areas like Arizona, Central California, Colorado, Guam, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Missouri, Mexico, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Northern California, Tennessee, Texas, Utah & Washington just to name a few. Our goal for this event is not only to provide your team with a great tournament to play in & to play baseball, but to give your team an experience to enjoy while not playing baseball here to be able to participate in the many amazing things Southern California has to offer in beautiful weather!

Opening Day Itinerary & Info:
Date: Tuesday July 11th
Lake Forest Sports Park
Times & Event Order Subject to Change - Please check this itinerary periodically as we draw closer to this event for any small changes.

*Gates Open*
Pin Trading & Festivities Begin!
Sign Up for Skills Contests
Skills Contest Info - Click Here!
Teams start to lineup for team march around 
on field
National Anthem / Flyover
World Series Team March Around
& Team Introductions
Skills Contest Begins after March Around
9U-13U Age Divisions
Sign Up Will Be Taken Day Of
Home Running Hitting Contest
9U-14U Age Divisions
Skills Contest Concludes
Awards in all divisions for...
Pins Trading, Skills & Home Run Contests
Division Entry Fee
9U OPEN $1,195.00
10U OPEN $1,195.00
11U OPEN $1,395.00
12U OPEN $1,395.00
13U OPEN $1,495.00
14U OPEN $1,495.00
# Team Name Division W-L-T
1 Battle Utah
Price, UT
9U D3 0-0-0
2 Colts Taylor
Irvine, CA
9U D3 4-9-0
3 Cory Lidle United 9U
Covina, CA
9U D3 7-4-1
4 Dirt Dawgs
Oakdale, CA
9U D3 0-0-0
5 Foothill Warriors
La Verne, CA
9U D3 7-4-0
6 Luis marte Baseball 9U
Riverside, CA
9U D3 0-0-0
7 Lunada Bay Prime
Palos Verdes Estates, CA
9U D3 0-0-0
8 Morgan Hill Toros
Morgan Hill, CA
9U D3 10-9-0
9 Pacific Coast Baseball
Newport Beach, CA
9U D3 0-3-0
10 So Cal Grizzlies
9U D3 7-7-0
11 Tomateros De California
Paramount, CA
9U D1 0-3-0
12 WC Blackdogs 9u
Chino Hills, CA
9U D2 3-1-0
13 Open
14 Open
# Team Name Division W-L-T
1 365 Shockers
Tarzana, CA
10U D2 3-9-0
2 Carlsbad Clash
Carlsbad, CA
10U D3 11-7-1
3 Combat_Garcia
Norwalk, CA
10U D3 0-0-0
4 Downey Hustle
Downey, CA
10U D1 5-1-0
5 Foothill Warriors
La Verne, CA
10U D3 12-8-1
6 Irvine Colts Shen
Irvine, CA
10U D2 19-6-0
7 Legends 10U
Granada Hills, CA
10U D1 17-5-0
8 Let Them Play - Central Valley 10U
Fresno, CA
10U D1 4-4-0
9 Monster Baseball
Cypress, CA
10U D1 18-5-0
10 Pomona Titans
Pomona, CA
10U D3 1-4-0
11 RD2 Black
Long Beach, CA
10U D1 15-1-1
12 SoCal Baseball Club
Redondo Beach, CA
10U D2 1-11-0
13 TC Titans Madrigal Navy
Riverside, CA
10U D2 5-1-0
14 Terra 10u
Hacienda Heights, CA
10U D2 8-8-2
15 Tustin Legends
Tustin, CA
10U D3 4-11-2
Whittier, CA
10U D3 6-4-0
17 Open
18 Open
# Team Name Division W-L-T
1 11U FS BlackHawks
Fort stockton, TX
11U D3 2-2-0
2 Battle Baseball
Price, UT
11U D2 0-0-0
3 Cen Cal Blast
Bakersfield, CA
11U D3 12-11-1
4 Dream Team Rebels
Marina,ca, CA
11U D3 8-1-0
5 Huntington Beach Tigers
Huntington Beach, CA
11U D2 3-6-0
6 Placentia Mustangs
Placentia, CA
11U D2 9-6-1
7 Prevail 11u Perry
Huntington Beach, CA
11U D2 11-24-1
8 SoCal Baseball Club Valenzuela
Redondo Beach, CA
11U D2 16-17-0
9 SoCal Chiefs - Rocha
Orange, CA
11U D2 10-19-0
10 Surf City Dawgs Navarro
Huntington Beach, CA
11U D3 23-21-3
11 TBP Baseball (Korea)
Los Angeles, CA
11U D2 0-0-0
12 West Covina Dukes 11u- National
West Covina, CA
11U D2 0-2-0
13 Young Bucs
La Mirada, CA
11U D2 5-1-0
14 ZT Prospect Peralta
Downey, CA
11U D2 3-1-0
15 Open
16 Open
# Team Name Division W-L-T
1 Beach City Cyclones
Long Beach, CA
12U D2 3-4-0
2 Cali National Baseball Academy 12u- Pac
Irvine, CA
12U D1 19-3-0
3 California Cubs Navy
Downey, CA
12U D3 7-14-2
4 CC Trojans 12U
Clovis, CA
12U D3 6-6-0
5 Claremont Cobras
Claremont, CA
12U D3 0-2-0
6 GBG South Bay 12U Navy
Redondo Beach, CA
12U D2 4-4-1
7 Hawaii Kai Giants
Honolulu, HI
12U REC 0-0-0
8 MG Baseball
East Los Angeles, CA
12U D2 2-2-0
9 No Fear
San Marcos, CA
12U D3 3-8-0
10 Nor Cal Rapids
Oakdale, CA
12U D3 0-0-0
11 SoCal Baseball Club Martizia
Redondo Beach, CA
12U D2 24-17-1
12 South Bay Knights 12U Flask
Torrance, CA
12U D2 20-17-1
13 Surf City Dawgs 12u Broussard
Huntington Beach, CA
12U D2 19-32-2
14 TC Baseball Gold
Paramount, CA
12U D1 1-2-0
15 ZT Prospects Robbins
Fullerton, CA
12U D2 17-9-0
16 ZT prospects SGV
West Covina, CA
12U D2 9-12-1
17 Open
18 Open
# Team Name Division W-L-T
1 Arenado Baseball
Irvine, CA
13U D2 5-18-1
2 Armory 13U Black
Long Beach, CA
13U D3 14-11-2
3 Armory Baseball Green
Long Beach, CA
13U D1 40-11-2
4 Cali National 13U Mink
Irvine, CA
13U D1 12-6-1
5 California baseball
Moreno valley, CA
13U D2 6-4-0
6 California Cubs 13u
Downey, CA
13U D2 18-9-1
7 Elevate NW 13 Elite
Woodinville, WA
13U D2 0-0-0
8 GBG IE 13u
Corona, CA
13U D1 9-5-0
9 GBG South Bay Navy
Redondo Beach, CA
13U D1 8-1-0
10 HD Drillers
High Desert, CA
13U D2 12-5-0
11 MVP Hustle Griff Gray
Paramount, CA
13U D1 9-2-0
12 MVP HUSTLE Griffith
13U D1 8-3-1
13 OC Grizzlies
Lake Forest, CA
13U D2 9-13-2
14 Sandlot Baseball Club
Camarillo, CA
13U D1 0-0-0
15 Santa Ana Storm
Santa Ana, CA
13U D2 7-9-0
16 SoCal Catch
La Mirada, CA
13U D1 21-8-0
17 SoCal Jaxx
Camarillo, CA
13U D3 0-0-0
18 TC Baseball
Paramount, CA
13U D1 1-6-0
19 Total Baseball Vipers Navy
Chatsworth, CA
13U D1 11-1-0
20 West Coast Blackdogs 13u
Chino Hills, CA
13U D2 4-7-1
21 Zeller Baseball Red
Torrance, CA
13U D2 16-18-0
22 Open
# Team Name Division W-L-T
1 Cali National 14u-Khan
Irvine, CA
14U D2 18-23-1
2 Charros
Lake Elsinore, CA
14U D2 7-5-0
3 Cypress Braves
Cypress, CA
14U D2 0-3-0
4 Dirt Dawgs
Eastvale, CA
14U D3 0-4-0
5 El Paso Tejanos
El Paso, TX
14U D2 10-5-0
6 NTX Athletics
Melissa, TX
14U D2 1-6-0
7 Prevail 14u Klaess
Huntington Beach, CA
14U D2 7-16-0
8 SoCal Baseball Club Duarte
Redondo Beach, CA
14U D1 28-29-1
9 Top Level 14U-Clemens
Santa Monica, CA
14U D2 10-8-0
10 Total Baseball Vipers Black
Chatsworth, CA
14U D2 1-1-0
11 Zeller Baseball 14U
Torrance, CA
14U D2 32-20-3
12 Open
13 Open
14 Open