Stephenville, TX

Stephenville City Park

City Limits Sports Academy - End of School Madness - FREE Registration - PAP Only

May 14-15, 2022


1 WT Elite Abilene-8u 2-0-0 22 16 38 950
2 Texas Jackals 1-1-0 16 25 41 1450
3 Texas Edge - Morphew 1-1-0 -1 29 28 1950
4 Texoma Prospects- Kimbro 1-1-0 -1 35 34 400
5 Oilers 0-2-0 -36 45 9 0

End of School Madness 8U D3

End of School Madness
4 Texoma Prospects- Kimbro 14
Sunday 8:00 AM
Stephenville City Park McClesky
5 Oilers 1
1 WT Elite Abilene-8u 12
Sunday 11:00 AM
Stephenville City Park McClesky
Texoma Prospects- Kimbro 4
2 Texas Jackals 9
Sunday 9:30 AM
Stephenville City Park McClesky
3 Texas Edge - Morphew 8
WT Elite Abilene-8u 6
Sunday 12:30 AM
Stephenville City Park McClesky
Texas Jackals 15
Texas Jackals

No pitching statistics recorded.

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Who we are

City Limits Sports Academy is focused on creating top tier youth athletes that are ready to succeed at the next level. City Limits Sports Academy offers next level technology designed to improve and develop young athletes into elite players.  We host our own tournaments to provide quality competition for our in-house teams and provide an opportunity for outside competitors to get a look at what we are about.

Team event registration fee

8u / PAP Only

9u - 10u / PAP Only

11u - 14u / PAP Only

Tournament Location

Stephenville City Park

Stephenville, TX 76401

Gate fee

$10.00 Per Person 13 and up. 

No Refunds on Gate Fees! 

When do I pay the tournament entry fee? 

All City Limits Sports Academy tournaments are first pay/first play. Your entry into an event is not complete until you have paid the entry fee or the gate fee. The division may sell out prior to the payment deadline. The number of available spots in a division may fluctuate depending on the needs of all divisions that share the same field size. If you choose to mail a check to avoid online credit card fees please call us and let us know, do not leave a message!

Mail to: City Limits Sports Academy, 1907 E Washington St., Stephenville, Texas 76401.


We play exclusively by the rules listed on the playNCS.com website.

We utilize outs instead of innings for pitching totals.

We allow -5 bats in 14u D2 and D3

We play all 13u events at 54/80 unless otherwise noted

We do not allow metal cleats on any turf fields or temporary mounds.


All Gold Bracket Champions and Finalist will receive NCS Championship Medals

All Silver Bracket Champions and Finalist will receive NCS Medals 

All Brackets receive team Championship Banners

How do I submit a schedule request?

Please submit all schedule request using the schedule request tab on the event menu. We will take schedule request until the Tuesday evening prior to the event. You can block out a 4 hour block on Friday or Saturday that you cannot play only! Schedule request that are more restrictive than a 4 hour "no play" block will be difficult to accommodate but we will do our best!.

Example of a schedule request we will accept: We cannot play between 10am and 2pm on Saturday.

Example of a schedule request that we will have trouble accommodating: We cannot play before 4pm.

Teams must be prepared to play from Saturday morning until Sunday evening, we will do our best to accommodate request.

Can we bring outside food and coolers?

Yes, participants and fans are allowed to bring outside food and coolers excluding alcohol. 

Can we bring our pets or comfort animals to the tournament?

NO, you will be asked to leave the premises if you bring pets to a City Limits Sports Academy events regardless of the facilities policies. PLEASE LEAVE YOUR PETS AT HOME!

When are our rosters locked and what do I do if a parents forgets/neglects to sign the waiver prior to the cutoff?

All rosters are locked on the Thursday evening prior to the event. All players must be listed on the public view teams page by the cutoff. Players that do not have signed waivers by the cutoff are not eligible to play! 

Behavior at the events

City Limits Sports Academy has a zero tolerance policy towards disrespectful and adverse behavior. Any fan, parent, player or coach will be ejected from the event for adverse behavior towards a tournament official or umpire. 

Where will we play? 

City Limits Sports Academy utilizes full turf, half turf, grass and skinned fields in and around the listed locations

Do I need team insurance?

Yes, if you did not buy your policy through National Championship Sports you must add NCS (entity below) as an additionally insured. You can do this free of charge by contacting your insurance provider. We must receive your insurance by the Thursday prior to the event.  Insurance must be uploaded prior to Friday at 2pm or you will be removed from the event. NCS only accepts PDF format. 

National Championship Sports

2011 East Lamar Blvd

Suite 120

Arlington Texas 76006

Refund Policy 


Division Entry Fee
8U D3 $0.00
9U D3 $0.00
10U D3 $0.00
11U D3 $0.00
12U D3 $0.00
13U D3 $0.00
14U D3 $0.00
# Team Name Division W-L-T
1 Oilers
Eldorado, TX
8U D3 0-11-1
2 Texas Edge - Morphew
Granbury, TX
8U D3 30-23-1
3 Texas Jackals
Waco, TX
8U D2 16-7-0
4 Texoma Prospects- Kimbro
Wichita Falls, TX
8U D3 7-11-0
5 WT Elite Abilene-8u
Abilene, TX
8U D3 15-11-0
6 Open
7 Open
8 Open
# Team Name Division W-L-T
1 Breckenridge Regulators
Breckenridge, TX
9U D3 1-4-2
2 City Limits Sports Academy 9U
Stephenville, TX
9U D3 19-14-1
3 Ft. Worth Cats
Granbury, TX
9U D3 10-8-0
4 TBT Ballers WTX - Revada
Brownwood, TX
9U D3 5-13-0
5 Texas Edge 9u Gray
Granbury, TX
9U D3 33-20-0
6 Texas Jackals
Waco, TX
9U D2 19-6-0
7 Texas Punishers
Snyder, TX
9U D3 0-3-0
8 WT Elite Abilene-9u
Abilene, TX
9U D3 1-2-1
# Team Name Division W-L-T
1 City Limits Sports Academy 10U
Stephenville, TX
10U D3 18-14-1
2 FT Worth Cats Gold
Abilene, TX
10U D2 16-6-1
3 Graham Steers
Graham, TX
10U D3 0-3-0
4 Oilers
Eldorado, TX
10U D3 13-15-0
5 TBT WTX Ballers
Brownwood, TX
10U D3 5-13-0
6 Weatherford Baseball
Weatherford, TX
10U D3 2-4-0
7 Open
8 Open
# Team Name Division W-L-T
1 Burleson Blacksox
Burleson, TX
11U D3 8-13-0
2 Dallas Tigers West 11U- Karcher
Weatherford, TX
11U D2 22-10-2
3 Ft. Worth Cats Black
Granbury, TX
11U D3 18-9-0
4 Mean Green
Clifton, TX
11U D3 2-5-0
5 Texas Nighthawks
Breckenridge, TX
11U D2 22-6-0
6 Texas Punishers
Snyder, TX
11U D3 3-4-0
7 Texas Tribe
Stephenville, TX
11U D3 21-18-1
8 Warriors
Peaster, TX
11U D3 8-4-0
9 WT Elite Abilene-11u
Abilene, TX
11U D3 13-12-1
10 Open
11 Open
12 Open
# Team Name Division W-L-T
1 City Limits Sports Academy 12U
Stephenville, TX
12U D3 23-17-0
2 Fort Worth Cats Red 12U
Fort Worth, TX
12U D3 9-22-2
3 Graham Steers
Graham, TX
12U D3 3-4-0
4 Stephenville Sox
Stephenville, TX
11U D3 6-5-0
5 TBT WTX Ballers
Brownwood, TX
12U D3 1-12-1
6 Texas Edge Pharr
Granbury, TX
12U D3 29-19-2
7 Texoma Prospects- Slade
Wichita Falls, TX
11U D2 8-4-0
8 WT Elite Abilene-12u
Abilene, TX
12U D3 12-11-0
# Team Name Division W-L-T
1 City Limits Sports Academy 13U - Black
Stephenville, TX
13U D3 4-31-0
13U D3 23-17-1
13U D3 6-11-0
4 North Texas Kings 13u Stone
Colleyville, TX
13U D3 11-21-2
5 TBT Ballers WTX
Brownwood, TX
13U D3 8-12-0
6 Texas Hawks
Granbury, TX
13U D3 2-7-1
7 USA Prime PC - O'Donnell
Aledo, TX
13U D3 8-13-0
8 Open
# Team Name Division W-L-T
1 City Limits Sports Academy Red
Stephenville, TX
13U D2 32-25-2
2 Stephenville Tribe
Stephenville, TX
14U D2 1-2-0
3 TBT Ballers WTX - Fletcher
Brownwood, TX
14U D3 12-9-1
4 Texas Stars Baseball club
Joshua, TX
14U D3 9-16-0
5 Open
6 Open
7 Open
8 Open